Prevent Mistakes. Preserve Assets.
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Guarding Your Assets With Proper Planning

Estate planning and qualifying for Medicaid is not about merely safeguarding your assets after you pass away. Rather, effective estate planning ensures that you can control your assets while you’re alive and well; provide for yourself and your loved ones if you become disabled; and leave your assets to whom you want, when you want, and the way you want, without unnecessary cost or delay.

Butcher Elder Law creates peace of mind with customized legal strategies for any life-changing event, including long-term care planning, planning for a child or adult with special needs, qualifying for Medicaid, applying for veterans benefits, preparing basic estate planning documents to assist in any situation, and business succession for the next generation.

Getting The Help You Need From Experienced Representation

More and more people face the very real possibility of having their entire life savings consumed by nursing home costs. Through more than 25 years of practice, attorney Samuel V. Butcher, Principal of Butcher Elder Law, knows all too well the fear and anxiety expressed by clients over losing what they have worked so hard to attain.

Ohio Elder care attorney and registered pharmacist Sam Butcher offers comprehensive estate planning services and counsels clients on the identification, design and execution of individual estate plans. He has built a firm dedicated to helping clients prevent mistakes and preserve assets.

How You Can Plan Ahead

Plans developed by Butcher Elder Law, including wills, trusts and Medicaid strategies, account for all potential estate issues upfront – from the possibility of disability and the need for nursing home care to death and subsequent distribution of assets. These plans work for everyday people, as well as business owners and professionals.

Mr. Butcher can also help you answer questions about the challenges of Medicaid planning, including the difficulties of tax planning trusts and qualified income trusts (QTIs). These trusts can help you meet the government’s requirements for Medicaid income, as they can help reduce the countable assets you have. Through his decades of experience, you can keep a larger portion of your assets in the future.

Start Preparing For Your Future

Butcher Elder Law knows that flexibility and longevity are crucial, so they’re in this with you for the long run. That means you’ll always be able to make adjustments as your life changes.

Did you know that Sam Butcher and his team are available to speak to your group about estate planning, Medicaid planning and qualifications, veterans benefits and special needs planning? Whether you are looking to schedule your initial consultation with Mr. Butcher or plan an event for estate planning, call 440-783-7293 or go online to take the first step.