October 24

Long Term Care Ombudsman: When should I be contacting them?

You receive a shocking phone call that your loved one has bruising along the side of her face and a large lump at the temple. The nursing administrator of your loved one’s long term care facility tells you not to be alarmed. What? How could this have happened? You are told on the phone that.

October 24

Looking Out For Aging Veterans

by Samuel V. Butcher Esq   What Can We Do for Veterans and their Spouses? We, like so many of our clients, have close personal connections to many of the unsung heroes who served our country bravely as members of the U.S. Armed Forces. We’re also proud of some very special family members who are.

August 23

Don’t Let Estate Planning Anxieties Unravel Your Blended Marriage

by Samuel V. Butcher, Esq Maggie continued working after the untimely death of her late husband Tom, more out of a need for socialization than stability. She could easily have retired in her mid-forties on the money she and Tom had socked away along with Tom’s generous life insurance proceeds. Maggie’s biggest concern was helping.