Comprehensive Estate Planning

Estate Planning Services – Butcher Elder Law counsels clients on the identification, design and execution of individual client estate plans. Our comprehensive estate planning services include:

  • Traditional Planning: Handling all matters regarding wills, revocable and irrevocable living trusts, financial powers of attorney, healthcare powers of attorney, and living wills.
  • Modern Planning: Handling all matters specific to single people, unmarried couples, blended families, LGBT, and planning for pets.
    • Estate Planning for Blended Families: In today’s world, the concept of his, mine and ours is more relevant than ever. Many also enter into second marriages later in life. Planning for blended families allows you to protect your spouse without having to worry if your assets will ultimately get to your children. Planning for blended families enables you to provide for and protect your spouse after death while ensuring that the spouse does not utilize the funds for their children from a prior relationship to the exclusion of yours, or for a new spouse or significant other they may meet. You may also find your assets at risk if your spouse enters a nursing home or gets sued. Proper planning ensures that you do not lose your assets to your second spouse’s nursing home expenses or lawsuits.
    • Estate Planning Strategies for Step-Families: Another concern when planning for blended families is what happens when one of you dies. While family harmony is presumed, it is highly likely after the death of the first spouse that the step-family can easily become the “out-of-step” family. Unfortunately, it’s usually not rational, because emotions run high. If you’re in a blended family, be sure you get the planning in place to avoid the many challenges that occur. Let us show you how simple it can be to protect the people you care most about and to avoid family strife.
  • Asset Protection Planning Protection of assets from the government, taxes, lawsuits, nursing homes, divorce, bad business ventures and predators.
  • Business Succession Planning – Protection of business interests and ensure effective plan in place to continue business if unanticipated incapacity or death of principal. We help business owners explore tax-efficient options to sell their business and minimize taxes or transfer it to the next generation, and to preserve their financial security.
  • Advanced Tax Planning Handling all matters concerning potentially large income or estate taxes. State-of-the-art strategies that permit individuals to minimize taxes, but maintain control and financial security. We, at Butcher Elder Law, help identify family strengths and goals for one, two, three, or more generations while protecting a lifetime accumulation of assets for future generations, even from the individual indiscretions of beneficiaries, when that is a concern.