April 14

Leaving Property and Money to Minor Children in Cuyahoga County

Here at Butcher Elder Law, our entire legal team is passionate about helping parents name legal guardians for their children. It’s a critical step that allows parents to document the people they want and trust to raise their kids if they are incapacitated or suffer an untimely death. There is another area of planning for.

April 11

Curious about Body Donation?

Has the idea of donating your body to medical science ever piqued your curiosity? Have you perhaps even considered possibly doing so and wondered just how does that work? Maybe you have a desire to give back even in death? If so, body donation might be an option for you. The alternative allows for the.

April 7

National Healthcare Decisions Day in Strongsville

National Healthcare Decisions Day is on April 16th, and it’s an important reminder for every adult to begin having difficult conversations with loved ones about their most private wishes for medical and end-of-life care. Far too many people assume that their families would make the choices they would want in an emergency. Yet every day.

March 7

Geauga County Will and Trust Lawyer: Should My Will Have Co-Executors?

When creating an estate plan and Last Will and Testament, many people have a difficult time deciding who should be the Executor of their estate. Oftentimes they will consider naming Co-Executors – two or more people who serve as executor of the estate. Each Co-Executor named in your Last Will and Testament will have authority.