June 15

The Married Couple’s Guide to Planning for Medicaid

  Attention all Married Couples and Those who may be caring for aging Parents, Relatives, or others with a Spouse: Last month’s newsletter featured an article on the benefits of planning early to protect assets so that single individuals can qualify for Medicaid if health declines and there is a need for assistance later in.

May 22

Common Medicaid Terminology

Medicaid 101 Medicaid can be very complex. It has a language of its own. Here is an explanation of some common Medicaid terminology: Community Spouse – A married individual that does not need Medicaid assistance. Institutionalized Spouse – Is the individual that needs the long-term care assistance whether it is in the home, in an.

May 15

The Single Person’s Guide to Planning for Medicaid

Planning for Medicaid Attention all Individuals, Widows, Widowers, Unmarried Couples: Medicaid is a valuable benefit for individuals and couples to fund medical expenses including home health care, assisted living, and a nursing home. Ohio residents often plan early to protect assets so that they can later qualify for Medicaid and take advantage of the assistance.

December 9

Glossary of Terms

Financial Power of Attorney – This is a legal document executed by one individual (the principal) to appoint and authorize another individual (the agent) to make financial and business decisions and engage in such transactions on behalf of the principal that legally bind the principal.  Not all powers of attorney are the same.  The law.

October 20

What do Estate Planning and Sandwiches Have in Common?

According to Epicurious, “a properly-layered sandwich holds together better, prevents the bread from getting soggy, and achieves optimal texture.” The website recommends that you balance the fillings and strategize on the layers for a perfect sandwich. At Butcher Elder Law we can show the sandwich generation how you can hold the family together and not.

May 13

More Rules for Medicaid? Who is Miller? Why do I need his trust?

Ohio has more Medicaid changes coming July 1, 2016. Many of you may have received a notice indicating such. You may be wondering what this means for you or your family. Butcher Elder Law would like to help answer any questions you may have about the changes.  This blog will provide an overview of the.